Evaluating a Credit Card Program’s Profitability: Fee vs. Interest Income

The costs associated with fee and interest income when running a credit card program may be more complicated than they seem, especially if the program is not optimized.What are the potential hidden costs associated with running a credit card program and how can financial institutions make more informed decisions when considering whether to insource or outsource a credit card program?


August 2021

Commercial Card Optimization

If you do business with large companies and government agencies that pay via purchasing cards and corporate cards, you can significantly lower transaction costs with Commercial Card Optimization. Learn more about how processing payments with Elavon can help you achieve the lowest rates on commercial card transactions.


July 2021

How Financial Institutions Can Help SMBs Optimize Their Business with Omnichannel and Integrated Payments

Financial institutions can help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) optimize for today’s environment by offering merchant services solutions that provide both omnichannel and integrated payments options.


April 2021

Three Trends That Are Shaping The Credit Card Industry

The payments industry had to quickly adapt to new trends over the last year. Financial institutions that were slow to respond found themselves losing share in a highly competitive market.If this is the ‘new normal’ everyone’s talking about, is your financial institution doing everything in its power to ensure it is prepared to thrive?


April 2021

Credit Score Literacy and Building Credit Report

The Credit Score Literacy and Building Credit Report, a PYMNTS and Elan collaboration, examines beliefs consumers have about their credit score, details how they think different behaviours impact their credit score, and highlights opportunities for issuers to provide credit building tools and eduction. The report is based on a wide-ranging survey of 2,053 U.S. consumers.


July 2021

Protecting Cardmembers Against Cybersecurity and Fraud Threats in the New Normal

Given the changing environment, how can financial institutions navigate cybersecurity in the “new normal” landscape with an effective and comprehensive security plan to protect their own data and cardmembers’ data?


January 2021

Online Security and the Debit-Credit Divide

Online Security and the Debit-Credit Divide, a PYMNTS and Elan collaboration, examines how the pandemic is impacting the ways consumers shop and pay, with a special focus on their use of and attitudes toward debit and credit cards. The report is based on a wide-ranging survey of 2,466 U.S. consumers.


February 2021

Fintech Solutions Driving Competitive Advantages for Community Banks

Implementing strong fintech solutions is an important growth strategy for community banks. Read this whitepaper, a collaboration between Elan Advisory Services and Elavon Merchant Services, to learn more.


October 2020

Engaging Your Cardmembers with a Slick and Secure Credit Card Mobile Application

Financial institutions running credit card programs must recognize the imperative of offering a slick and secure mobile application to attract and retain cardmembers.


September 2020

COVID-19's Impact on the Payments Industry

Behavioral shifts propelled by a concerted effort to flatten the curve have impacted almost every aspect of daily life, including how people pay and how they receive payments. Learn more about how the payments industry is transforming and the three primary areas that financial institutions should keep an eye on in the near and longer-term.

June 2020

Delivering Cardholder Customer Service Report

This report surveyed over 2,000 U.S. credit card holders. It examines how consumers request assistance to deal with credit card issues as well as how financial institutions address them. This report and survey was conducted in partnership with PYMNTS.com.

May 2020

Top Five Trends at the Terminal

Gone are the days when the point-of-sale (POS) was simply a tool to record sales transactions. Recent developments have enabled numerous options for technology at the terminal, including contactless payments, mobile terminals, and more.

As a financial institution wanting to offer your business customers a robust merchant services program, these top five technologies at the terminal will satisfy both merchants and consumers.

May 2020

Gen Z: The Fast and Furiously Cashless

Gen Z is different than any generation before them. This fast-growing consumer population expects fast service, fast results, and overwhelmingly prefer cashless payments. Because they are graduating college and entering the workforce, now is the ideal time to attract them as life-long cardmembers. Are you ready for Gen Z? 

January 2020

Bridging The Gap: Mobile Card App Adoption Report

This report surveyed nearly 2,000 U.S. consumers across a range of demographic groups to better understand their use of and attitudes toward mobile credit card apps, and the features they consider most compelling. This report and survey was conducted in partnership with PYMNTS.com.

December 2019

Should Payments M&A Activity Trigger a Review of Your Credit Card Operating Model?

The recent M&A activity in today’s market presents an ideal opportunity for financial institutions to pause and reconsider one of their most critical payments-related offerings: their current credit card program. Financial institutions who take the time to weigh the pros and cons of different operating models may find that an outsourced program best fits their needs. 

September 2019

Building Deposits with a Merchant Services Program

Deposit levels have declined throughout much of the financial industry leaving many banks and credit unions fighting for every dollar. Could a merchant services program designed to capture commercial deposits help you rise above the fray?

April 2019

Trends in Digital Marketing

The purchasing process in the financial service industry has been transformed by digital channels. Given the digital nature of today's purchasing journey, how can credit unions and banks stay at the forefront of consumers' minds as they make buying decisions?

January 2019

Mobile Apps, Wearables, & Invisible Payments: The Journey Toward Frictionless Payments

The nature of payments is evolving rapidly to include mobile apps, wearables, and invisible payments. Is your financial institution ready to embrace the world of frictionless payments?

August 2018

Banking on Technology, Value, and Security for Millennials

Millennials (ages 18-34) are now graduating from college, starting careers and families, purchasing homes, and making financial decisions that will set the tone for the rest of their lives. What steps can financial institutions take to foster financial relationships with millennials that will last a lifetime?

May 2018

Cybersecurity: Managing Risks to Payments Services

Cybersecurity is a top concern for the financial services industry. How can financial institutions address evolving cyber threats —on their own and with a trusted partner?  

November 2017